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Ultimate Garage - The Collection So Far.

Welcome to Ultimate Garage

Ultimate Garage is a successful series of FREE UK Garage compilation albums. All of them are mixed by DJ Son E Dee.

In January 2011, We chose Kiss100/DeeFM/'s DJ Son E Dee to mix Ultimate Garage, a new garage compilation CD. Ultimate Garage went on to receive record downloads and peaked in the iTunes charts. The Ultimate Garage series is the most acknowledged and downloaded UK garage compilation series to date. Ultimate Garage Classics - Back To The Old Skool was released in 2014; after just four weeks it had already earned itself great status with over 10,000 copies downloaded across its network. The latest Ultimate Garage compilation, The Finale, will be released on 30th March 2015 and is the first Ultimate Garage CD that will be available on limited edition MP3 disc.


Ultimate Garage Albums

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